About Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity

At Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity (MaxReach), we believe that the end of systemic racism in America begins with strengthening the Black economy and building self sufficient communities.

We applaud the world for its renewed energy and commitment to racial healing.  We believe that Black Americans must be the voices, planners and drivers of this movement.  Only we have the insight to ensure that resources are used to make honest, significant and lasting change. We must ensure that we build a solid foundation for the establishment of Black wealth and quality of life while we also pave the way for future generations to live productive and meaningful lives.

We follow the Powernomics plan, which calls for economic development first and foremost.  We have studied the impediments to Black business success and have designed our programs to address these impediments. 

Our Unity program promotes business collaboration and community cooperation.  When businesses embark on joint ventures and share resources, the growth potential is multiplied exponentially.  When business and community work together opportunities are created and lives change.

Our Essential Business Success Services program addresses the simple fact that small business owners are overworked. They necessarily serve as Jacks (and Jackies) of all trades, instead of CEOs of their companies. The result is small businesses that remain small and have little impact on community growth or generational wealth.

Our business success team provides quality support services and delivers professional results. We help businesses shine in their finest light. We help position businesses for success by allowing small business owners to serve as CEOs of their companies, cultivating their visions, driving growth, and providing community leadership.


Freedom should never be taken for granted. Every individual is responsible to safe-guard the freedom of the village. Because “It is our duty to fight for our freedom”: 

  • We believe every business must strive to be successful, invest in community, and guide the youth to do the same.
  • We believe communities must pool resources, support businesses and work together for the common good.
  • We believe every individual has a civic duty to invest time, money, and talent in their community.

We expect the community to hold us accountable to do the same.  


A Long Time Coming

We currently operate two primary programs


Essential Business Success Services

Levels the playing field for small businesses by procuring exclusive pricing on essential business support services. EBSS services providers are hidden gems of talent, professionalism, and excellence.


Bridges the trust gap by bringing community and businesses together to build self-sufficient communities. Trust is facilitated through conversation, understanding, common goals, and a pooling of resources.