About Maximum Reach 4 Economic Equity


Economic Power and Self Sufficiency in Black Communities Through the support of Black-Owned Businesses.


Flourishing Black Communities all around the globe

Self-Sufficient Communities

Communities are more than neighborhoods and places where like-minded people gather.  

They are neighborhoods with self-sustaining capacity.
Places where the residents own and govern commerce, municipal services, and opportunity.

Communities are home to leaders in business, politics, and social services.
They are places where the youth are nourished and the elderly are protected. 

Smart communities are internally self-sufficient and externally collaborative. They contribute as they consume and they 
stand as pillars of their cities, towns, states, and countries. 

We believe these communities necessarily begin with thriving businesses capable of employing community members and investing in community infrastructure.

We provide resources, tools, and support to help small Black businesses thrive , employ , invest, and pass along success and prosperity.

We encourage the community to support small businesses, to appreciate the cause-and-effect relationship between strong business and thriving communities. 

Why Black Businesses

MaxReach exists because (for now) Black neighborhoods need support and unobstructed pathways to becoming more self-sufficient communities.

We focus on Black businesses because it takes commerce to maintain communities, provide opportunities and raise the quality of our lives.

 Businesses earn seats at decision-making tables, and the larger the business, the larger the seat.

We challenge and encourage sole proprietors to become employers and micro-businesses. We expect micro-businesses to become small businesses and eventually mid to large enterprises.

According to the US Small Business Administration

  • Microbusinesses make 2.5 million or less annually.
  • Small business: make $38.5 million or less annually
  • Mid-market enterprises make between $38.5 million and $1 billion.
  • And large enterprises are unlimited.

The time is now for thinking large and larger. Our bright future requires exponential business growth.

The time is now for thinking large and larger. Our bright future requires exponential business growth.

Thriving Communities

Thriving community is necessarily a dynamic group effort.  It is both a gift and a responsibility passed down from one generation to the next.

We believe every business must strive to be successful, invest in community, and guide the youth to do the same.

We believe communities must pool resources, support businesses and work together for the common good.

We believe every individual has a civic duty to invest time, money, and talent in their community.

We expect the community to hold us accountable to do the same.  

A Long Time Coming

DIO - Do It Ourselves

DIO means we personally and collectively accept accountability for where we are and  act on our own behalf.  

DIO elevates us above ever-changing trends, whims and opinions of others. It puts us in the driver seat and breaks the historical cycle of taking one step forward and two steps back.

DIO (Do It Ourselves) recognizes that  welfare is not well-being; it is a precursor to slavery.  We chose to learn to fish because from there, we will build a fishing boat.

We work with all willing people to right what is wrong in this system; to bring about true equity, however, there is a profound difference between collectively working towards a common goal and giving or receiving charity. We cautiously accept the former, and vehemently reject the latter.

DIO is a MaxReach guiding principle and the foundation of the Essential Business Success Services Team.



Ujima means to regard the problems of our brothers and sisters as our own and to work together to solve them.

Ujima is the way of our ancestors.  It has been lost, faded and forgotten in time. It must be resurrected within each of us and applied to all of us.

Ujima requires acceptance, tolerance, discernment, forgiveness, and understanding in our dealings with one another. It calls us to replace harsh judgment, punitive reactions, and perpetual distain with empathy, compassion, and respect.

Ujima is a seed planted in our souls. Working together is the seedling that springs from the seed. Success is the tree that the seedling grows into.  We cultivate Ujima in every way we can.

Essential Business Success Services

Levels the playing field for small businesses by procuring exclusive pricing on essential business support services. EBSS services providers are hidden gems of talent, professionalism, and excellence.


Bridges the trust gap by bringing community and businesses together to build self-sufficient communities. Trust is facilitated through conversation, understanding, common goals, and a pooling of resources.