Fortifying Black Communities
By Supporting Black-Owned Businesses

COVID-19 Response: Grants, Loans and Self-Help Opportunities for Small Businesses and Non-Profits

Black businesses have been build on  dreams, hard work, and determination.

As Black people, we innately understand “hard times”.  We overcome too many obstacles that the rest of the world has had the privilege to ignore!

We have been down, but we have never been destroyed.  We know how to make the most of a dream, a wing, and a prayer!

Which is exactly why this pandemic will not take us out!  Black businesses are challenged today as we have been before….And still we rise!

As MaxReach learns of grant and loan opportunities that can benefit Black businesses, we will list them on this page. In this effort, we request the help of the community.  

Please help us Maximize our Reach by emailing us information on any loan and grant opportunities that might benefit Black businesses. A tip for a Black business is a brick in the foundation of our communities.

Entrepreneurs, please browse the links below. We hope that you will find valuable opportunities for your business, and we ask that you help us maintain the integrity of this information.  Please notify us immediately if you find any issues with the links below, (i.e. broken or expired links), so we can address them ASAP. 


Building Community Teams
Establishing Trust
Encouraging Cooperation
Eliciting  Accountability

Creating Real Opportunity for
Small Business success.
Making Black Business Growth the Norm.
Making Prosperity a Community Project.

Knowledge Bucket Brigade


Educate and Elevate
on every level

“Business + Community = A Winning Team!”

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